Josserand Family Photo July 2014

The Josserand Family

Over the years, the Josserand family has built a reputation with a tradition of integrity and leadership. When you do business with AzTx, you're doing business in an atmosphere where a man's word is still his bond.

John Josserand, AzTx president, leads a team of professionals to support individual yard managers and our customers. AzTx founder, Bob Josserand continues his involvement as he brings more than 35 years of experience to the organization. The family atmosphere extends throughout the organization where you'll find many employees who have been with AzTx since the day it was incorporated.

Because it is not owned or controlled by an oil company or a multinational grain firm, AzTx is clearly focused on the well-being of cattlemen and the dynamic beef industry.

AzTx leaves open a standing invitation to visit any of its feedyards or spend some time at the headquarters office in Hereford, Texas. You'll come away with a sense that caring for cattle is an AzTx tradition.